CFD $XAUUSD (Daily) Trade Signal Short 1243.80 MT Alpha SAR -UTC-20180712-040009

CFD XAU/USD $XAUUSD Trade Signal Short SAR Sell 1243.8 -UTC-20180712

$XAUUSD (Daily)-UTC-20180712-040009
MT Alpha SAR
EOD Swing Trading Signal SAR Short $XAUUSD (Daily) @ 1243.8

Stop And Reverse Short Price: 1243.80

Buy Stop Loss: 1268.79
>>SAR Entry Sell Price: 1243.80
Target 1: 1231.76
Target 2: 1219.72
Target 3: 1207.68
Target 4: 1195.64
Target 5: 1183.60
Target 6: 1171.56
Target 7: 1159.52
Target 8: 1147.48
Target 9: 1135.44
Target 10: 1123.40

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