Stocks XLNX (Daily) Trade Signal Long 69.28 MT Alpha SAR -UTC-20180719-134506

Stocks Xilinx. Inc. XLNX Trade Signal Long SAR Buy 69.28 -UTC-20180719

XLNX (Daily)-UTC-20180719-134506
MT Alpha SAR
EOD Swing Trading Signal SAR Long XLNX (Daily) @ 69.28

Stop And Reverse Long Price: 69.28

Target 10: 84.18
Target 9: 82.69
Target 8: 81.20
Target 7: 79.71
Target 6: 78.22
Target: 5 76.73
Target 4: 75.24
Target 3: 73.75
Target 2: 72.26
Target 1: 70.77
>>SAR Entry Buy Price: 69.28
Sell Stop Loss: 66.36

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