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Futures Trading System Trade Signal Types

SAR  Trading Signal Types are very simple you have 2 basic patterns to combine with trend & the Fib Grid Monthly/Weekly Open Seen as F0% on the charts – but there are many combinations examples are:

  1. Signal Type 1 – ST1 Trend Reversal – BASIC – Stop entry at red/green price
  2. Signal Type 2 – ST2 Pullback & Trend Continuation – BASIC Stop entry at red/green price
  3. Signal Type 3 – ST3 OCO Entry –Stop Entry long/short entry at the same time
  4. Signal Type 4-  USAR Crossover the blue/red lines cross and change color/trend
  5. Signal Type 5- USAR Trend Reversal Green Rising Arrows/Reverse to Red Falling Arrows etc
  6. Signal Type 6 – Crossover of the F0% – F11%/-f11% Fib Grid levels
  7. Signal Type 7 –  Support/Resistance Rejection Trades Limit Order
SAR Trading Signal Types
SAR Trading Signal Types

Note: Trade signals occur after the fact, the Pending Signals, allow time to assess in advance of the trade signal. Providing a reversal price and an indicative stop loss for the position if filled in the future. Pending Signals are often pullback and continuation trades and should be assessed in the context of the trading chart and your discretion. The entry price guidelines are the green long and red short chart markers, pink prices are for stops, it is possible for advanced trades to use these for OCO Entry orders and Bounce/buy the pullback at support/ sell resistance etc